“The Beast-King of Abombi!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artists: John Buscema & Ernie Chan

Zula and some of the crew of the Tigress have decided to leave and find their fortunes in the Hyborian lands. Thus Conan and Belit sail back to the Black Coast. Only they find the villages along the coast either destroyed or deserted. They finally come to the peaceful village of the Watambi. The chief Ombassa is a broken man. He tells the story of Ajaga. Ajaga was exiled from his tribe for trying to overthrow his father. With his followers he went to the abandoned city of Abombi. There a strange mist gave him the power to speak to beasts. So Ajaga has been destroying the areas villages.

He came to the Watambi and demanded tribute which they refused. So he unleased the beasts of the jungle and had baboons kidnap the chief’s daughter. The Watambis are forced to capitulate. Belit agrees to go and put an end to this Ajaga. They arrive at Abombi and Conan leads the Corsairs up the cliff. Only the beasts of Abombi are waiting for them. Three baboons knock Conan off the cliff. Belit is knocked unconscious and the other Corsairs are forced to surrender.

So a new adventure before the big 100. A nice little scene where Zula and some of the crew leave. I love this story of a beast king that uses the old language of Jhebbel Sag. It has a real feel of the Black Coast and its exotic peoples and animals. A good story to wind up the saga of Belit and the Corsairs.

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