“The Sorcerer and the Soul”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from novel “Conan and the Sorcerer” by Andrew J. Offutt
Artists: John Buscema & Rudy D. Nebres

In Arenjun the City of Thieves Conan has continued his life of a thief after the Tower of the Elephant. He is enjoying himself in a tavern with a beautiful young woman. The woman’s man comes who happens to be a captain in the city watch. This guy doesn’t like Conan being with his woman so a fight ensues. Conan manages to kill the captain and some of his men with the help of a mysterious stranger.

So Conan flees and while on the roof of a building overhears the plot of two people. A man named Karamek and a woman named Isparana. In two days they are going to steal the Eye of Erlik from the wizard Hisarr Zul. Conan decides he’ll steal it tomorrow. As he leaves he doesn’t overhear that they plan to move up the day to tomorrow. So the next day Conan sneaks into the wizard’s house. There he finds the mysterious man who helped him fighting the guards. Conan helps him out. The man in the service of Iranistan’s king than turns on Conan when he hears his plan to steal the amulet. A fight results in the man opening a secret compartment that frees deadly asps and kills him.

Later Conan comes on Karamek and Isparana taking a small sword amulet. Conan fights and kills Karamek as Isparana escapes. Than Conan gets his feet stuck in a trap the wizard set. Hisar Zul uses a mirror to steal Conan’s soul so he will retrieve the amulet.

“The Hyborian Reporter”
By Roy Thomas

An article on how Roy and his girlfriend attended a costume party at a Hollywood producers house on Halloween. He meets a number of people in the industry.

“Wings in the Night”
Writer: Don Glut adapted from story by Robert E. Howard
Artist: David Wenzel

Solomon Kane is in Africa and comes on a village that was destroyed. It seems the village was destroyed by something not human. He comes on a poor man that was mutilated as he was tied to a tree and vows vengeance against this foul opponent. Later he is attacked by a cannibal but some mysterious flying creature takes the man while he was fighting him. Later he finds out the creature was a bat-man and fights and kills two of them.

So this is an adaptation of an Andrew Offutt novel. The first in a trilogy. Offutt was mostly known for writing porn in the seventies and this is probably he only non-porn endeavor. I found it an interesting story so far. Filled with several interesting characters and takes place when Conan is only seventeen. The main importance of this story is to introduce the character of Isparana who plays an important character in later storylines.

The article was OK. The Solomon Kane backup was an excellent story. This was probably one of Howard’s finest Solomon Kane story. Filled with the mystery of Africa and a supernatural type of bat-men that Kane has to defeat. All around a solid issue.

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