Writer: Bill Willingham
Artist: Cezar Razek

An aircraft crashed in Africa. Fortunately it crashes next to the estate of Tarzan. Jason Gridley the pilot narrates an amazing story. A year ago he received an invitation to speak at an organization called The International Academy for Higher Scientific Inquiry. Only the car that picks him up doesn’t take him to this organization. It gets beamed up in a light and Jason finds himself on another world. A mysterious man tells him he is on the world Karis and a ship that travels between planets named The Resolve brought him there. The man wants Jason to incorporate his Gridley wave with some other technology. As he works on it he discovers the man is building a weapon. So Jason destroys the work.

The man is not too concerned and has The Resolve go back to Earth to retrieve the needed parts. This is where Jason steals a fighter. It gets damaged by fire from the ship so that is how he came to Africa. He enlists Tarzan and Jane’s help in stopping this mysterious man. So they go to Jason’s lab in New Mexico. There he contacts Ulysses Paxton an Earthman on Barsoom. He brings a ship that can travel between the planets. Jason modifies it and Tarzan recruits a crew. The new ship The Venture sets out to stop The Resolve.

I have to say that I love this story. The writer clearly is a fan of Burroughs. He gathers together practically all his minor characters into this epic quest that will take us to all the main worlds that Burroughs created. Of course such a huge cast guarantees that most will be just for show. Still it is a great undertaking to unite all these people in one place. The artist also manages to capture the look of a Burroughs story. So here is a list of the crew of The Venture.

Tarzan and Jane from Tarzan of the Apes.
Korak and Meriem from Son of Tarzan.
Jason Gridley from Tarzan at the Earth’s Core.
Ulysses Paxton from The Mastermind of Mars.
Billy Byrne from The Mucker.
Bridge and The Oskaloosa Kid from The Oakdale Affair.
Barney Custer from The Mad King.
Victoria Custer from The Eternal Savage.
Jim Stone aka Kolani from The Resurrection of Jimber Jaw.
Townsend Harper and Virginia Maxon from The Monster Men.
Johnny La Fitte from Pirate Blood.
The Rider from The Rider.
Shannon Burke from The Girl from Hollywood.


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