“Warlord of Earth”
Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Dean Kotz

The Martians continue there reign of destruction. Some are curious about society and get out of their machines to investigate. This is when they are most vulnerable. At Judy’s Diner near the Navajo Nation Edgar and friends have taken John Carter to get some food. He doesn’t remember anything about these strange Martians. Luckily there is a guy at the diner who hypnotizes people. He puts Carter under. Thus he remembers that the Homad Pew Mogel was experimenting with new life forms. They turned out to grow up violent and ran away. They came back a year later with machines and started to destroy Barsoom. John remembers how Dejah blew up Helium and then John finds himself back on Earth.

Maeve comes up with the theory that if John goes back to Mars like he did last time than his reality will set itself back. On the TV they hear the military has used electromagnetic generators to destroy the Martian saucers. With out their saucers they are very vulnerable to attack. John Carter decides to lure them back to Mars. He takes a captured saucer and attacks. The Moonheads are terrified of John Carter. Than John settles in to breathe the gas that will transport him to Barsoom. Edgar, Ramon and Maeve go through the portal in the captured saucer. As John gets ready to go into his coma the Moonheads find him.

OK there is a lot of stuff happening in this issue. First is some more gobbledygook on how to bring back Barsoom. You just have to go with it for it advances the plot. We get an origin of the Moonheads and it is based on a valid ERB creation from the books. I love to see the writer know his stuff. Some humorous moments that sees John Carter in a Hawaiian shirt and getting real woke about diversity and hashbrowns. A stripper’s swinging kick take out some Martian glass helmets. The Amish going on the offensive. A fair amount of humor. Ends with a cliffhanger. An enjoyable story so far.

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