“Escape Velocity”
Writer: Alex de Campi
Artist: Robert Hack

Archie lies on the gym floor begging for help. The Predator-Archie is getting his ass kicked by his fellow Predators. In space new Betty and Jughead are flying in the captured Predator ship. They talk about their feelings and Jughead names the Predator dog Bratwurst. Jason and Cheryl are locked in the gym basement with the gas leaking. A Predator comes in and Cheryl loses it. She attacks and the Predator shoots. This causes the whole gym to explode.

At the football field the classic Betty and Veronica are sitting with the devil. They are joined by the Predator-Archie which survived. There is some more talking about feelings. The devil turns out to be a really cool guy and puts everything back to normal. At the end the classic Betty and Veronica are sitting in an outdoor café in New York. Predator-Archie is with them. The end.

Well this was a disappointing ending. So they go through all this and the devil just sets thing back to normal. Betty and Veronica get tattoos and lesbian power haircuts. Everything is just hunky dory. Wow what an anti-climatic ending. Just a really disappointing ending. This whole series both the first and second should have been called Betty and Veronica vs. the Predator. Archie was for the most part a minor character that didn’t have any real relevance in the plot. I don’t mind that since I do think the girls are more interesting than Archie. The first series I enjoyed and loved the weird ending. This one well it started with some potential but the lazy writing and the dumb ending just ruined it for me. Can’t see any reason to make a third series. If you want a really cool crossover check out the Batman vs. Predator. Now that was awesome. Someday I will do those on this site.

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