“Machine Man”
Writer and Artist: Jack Kirby

A hiker has fallen off a cliff and is hanging on to an outcropping. Fortunately Machine Man comes to the rescue. With his arms that stretch out and anti-gravity device he saves the man. We switch to a government research center. A bureaucrat is talking with Dr. Broadhurst about the X-models project. The X-models were advanced robots that had a malfunction. They all went mad and had to be destroyed after killing a bunch of people. There is one left. X-51 was taken by a psychologist named Abel Stack. The robot was given a human looking appearance and raised like his son. He was also given the name Aaron Stack. Aaron has been monitored by Broadhurst but now the government wants to terminate X-51.

Machine Man continues on his way searching for a place to settle down. He helps a man clear a fallen oak tree off the road and is given a ride. The man turns out to be a psychologist and starts analyzing Machine Man. This gets him pissed off so he gets out and with a skateboard out of his feet takes off. Only he later gets attacked by soldiers. General Kargg is out to destroy Machine Man and tracks him with a homing device implanted in his head. Kargg has a personal grudge against the X-models. They killed many of his men and he lost his eye to them. Machine Man manages to evade the soldiers but is seriously damaged. He notices that Central City is close by and the psychologist that gave him a ride lives there. The psychologist offered to help Machine Man and Machine Man needs all the help he can get right now.

The first in the series by the legendary Jack Kirby. The man created so many iconic comic characters. This one was a fascinating character. Created back in the seventies it was ahead of it’s time. The concept of artificial intelligence having a soul. A personality that wants to just find it’s place in the world like all of us are doing. Aaron Stack a.k.a. Machine Man is a likeable character that the reader can sympathize with. He helps out people as we see when he rescues the hiker. Yet he will have to fight off the government that wants him destroyed. An enjoyable series that probably is somewhat obscure but by no means forgotten.

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