“Satyrs’s Blood”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from “Conan the Liberator” by L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter
Artists: John Buscema & Tony Dezuniga

Conan and his army of liberation are a big success. He has no problem reaching the Poitainian city of Curalo. There he picks up thousands of new recruits. Thulandra Thuu the wizard behind the throne uses his wizardry to conjure up a storm that stops his advance. Long enough to move an army to the Imirian Escarpment. He also starts to round up satyrs from the nearby forest to sacrifice and power up his magic. Conan manages to rescue one of these satyrs. From him he learns a secret path up the escarpment after Thuu causes a rockslide to block the main passage. He also gets help from the satyrs. They use their pipes to drive the opposing army insane. Now Conan’s way to Tarantia is open.

Another entry in the story of how Conan became king. It has a lot of various intrigue as Thulandra Thuu maneuvers to stop the threat to his plans to become king. The assassination of the popular general without successfully assassinating Conan has seriously deprived him of a competent leader. He turns to magic but Conan finds allies in these mysterious satyrs. I enjoyed the story and finding it well done. Looking forward to the big conclusion next issue.

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