“The Diadem of the Giant-Kings!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artists: John Buscema & Ernie Chan

Conan, Belit and Zula have taken over a trade boat and are heading down the river Styx. They make for a rendezvous with the Black Corsairs. In Luxor King Ctesphon III and Thoth-Amon discuss their next moves to kill Conan and Belit. They know that they are heading to Asgalun so Thoth-Amon uses his sorcery to contact their agent to be ready for them. Conan has the ship stop just before Khemi so they can avoid the city. They are going to hike overland and meet the Corsairs along the coast. They also press into service the ship’s crew.

Along the way they pass through land that the Stygians regard as cursed. An earthquake swallows the man who has the food. So they are forced to climb down. They find a cavern with a giant skeleton. They also find a jeweled diadem in a casket. The Stygians attempt to escape and also steal this diadem. This triggers magic that resurrects the giant. The giant starts to eat the Stygians. Conan waits for dusk when the bats will go out. The huge numbers distract the giant so Conan and Belit can escape. While escaping Conan uses his sword to blind the giant.

Well this issue was a filler along the way for Belit and her final quest for vengeance against her uncle. Already we know that Neftha knows where they are heading. So the Stygians will be ready. Otherwise this was just a little adventure in their travels. A giant resurrected by magic. Nothing Conan hasn’t handled before. The saga of Belit is heading into the homestretch.

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