“Dance of Death”
Writer: Alex de Campi
Artist: Robert Hack

The Axis of Evil lead by Cheryl has a plan to destroy the Predators. She starts a gas leak in the basement to blow up the gym. That it will probably kill everyone else is of little importance. Reggie decides to do the right thing and locks her in the basement so she can’t carry out her plan. He goes and helps the survivors in the gym who are battling the Predators. Kevin, Toni and Archie are the only survivors. The Predator-Archie has just been impaled with a pennant. Jughead and new Betty have made it to the Predator’s ship. Jughead manages to win over the loyalty of one of the Predator dogs by giving him hamburgers. Betty accidentally hits a button and they take off. Classic Betty and Veronica invoke a ritual that summons Mr. Inferno.

Well you can’t say that this issue wasn’t fast paced. The action is going strong. Now I’m not familiar with the Archie characters so I don’t really have any type of connection to them. Still the story moves along at a quick pace and I do find it interesting. So now they have I guess the Devil come to help them. I wonder how that works out.

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