“Swords Across the Alimane”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from novel “Conan the Liberator” by L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter
Artists: John Buscema and Tony Dezuniga

Conan has to reorganize his shattered army after his battle at the river crossing. While doing this he is poisoned by his mistress Alcina. She reports to Thulandra Thuu that Conan is dead. Thuu decides to have the Aquilonian Border Legion cross the border of Argos and scatter the rebels. Yet Conan is alive. He didn’t drink enough of the poison and his large body is able to make a recovery. What’s more the Argossean king sends a legion to help drive out the invaders. A third army of a rebel baron arrives and forces General Amulius Procas back to Aquilonia.

Thulandra Thuu thinking Conan dead has decided to get rid of the popular Porcas. He has Alcina go and assassinate him. Then send Baron Ascalante to take over the legion. Conan meanwhile uses guerilla tactics to harass the army. Soon a general uprising occurs in Poitain. The Border Legion is destroyed and Ascalante flees. It ends with Conan in a strong position and continuing on to the capital.

“Conan at Fifty A Retrospective Look by a Nameless Editor”
By Roy Thomas

An article by Thomas reflecting on the history of the series. How it got its start in Savage Tales and thanks to Stan Lee was given a chance in spite of the bean counters wanting to shut it down. He than goes over the highlights of the past issues and what his plans for the future. There were only ten issues that Roy would do before leaving Marvel. So some were done but others never came about.

The big fifty. This was the only black and white Marvel magazine to make it to that number. Which shows how good it is to survive when all the others in this format didn’t last to see the mid-eighties. He truly did create one of the finest magazine comic series ever created. This issue like all the others is just a fun enjoyable read. The story of Conan’s rise to kingship is filled with plenty of double dealings. Assassinations and attempts with a mad king and scheming wizard on one side. Throw in a beautiful women who is an expert assassin. You have an enjoyable story. Looking forward to the next fifty.

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