“Mysteries of Mars”
Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Dean Kotz

Helium is under attack by the Moonheads. Strange creatures in flying saucers are breaking through the defenses. They have already destroyed the atmosphere plant so Barsoom is doomed. John Carter continues to fight his way to his princess Dejah Thoris. He links up with Tars Tarkas whose green warriors are also doing a good job of piling up dead Moonheads. Dejah Thoris tells John that she is going to explode the engines that power Helium. She is going to take as much of the Moonheads out as she can. She also hopes that John Carter makes it back to his world.

Jump to the present and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Pasadena. They have just successfully landed a probe on Mars. The technicians are surprised to find two of the Moonheads as they approach the probe and destroy it. Soon after an endless number of Martian saucers are coming out of nowhere from Arizona. They attack without mercy. Three people from the JPL manage to escape in a convertible. One Dr. Edgar Norman pulls a pistol and forces the car to go to Arizona.

So this is another wild crossover they decided to do. Two different Martians are united. I always loved both series so combining the two was something I was very interested in checking out. So far I love the series. From the opening with the battle at Helium we get a typical John Carter story. Then its somewhat of a typical Mars Attack as the evil Martians cause death and destruction on the unsuspecting Earthlings. Dr. Norman a taciturn man who seems to know of John Carter’s resting place in Arizona. He has some connection to John Carter. The other two that accompany him are a good complement. A beautiful female technician and some slacker guy who was at the JPL because his friend won a prize. Definitely a good start to an good idea.

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