“A Kiss Before Dying”
Writer: Alex de Campi
Artist: Robert Hack

Archie, Predator Archie and old Betty and Veronica confront the Predators in the high school gym. Archie tries to be nice but the Predators open fire. Predator Archie manages to take Archie to the safety of the rafters. Yet Archie can’t stand to see the Predators continue to take out their anger on his friends. So he throws his smart phone which attracts them. So the Predator Archie gets into the fight. New Veronica dies while leading the students in a charge. New Betty and Jughead decide to take over the Predator spaceship and sneak out. The Predators see and sic their dogs on them. Old Betty and Veronica sneak out so they can call the Devil for help. They hide out in the showers where the hot water conceals them from the Predators thermal sight. They then decide they love each other and start to kiss.

So Betty and Veronica are now lesbians. Well why the Hell not? Seems everyone is a lesbian these days. Actually it is pretty hot. I guess you can’t leave women in the showers without them going lesbian. So besides the hot lesbian action there isn’t much to this issue. A lot of people talking about their feelings. Which I guess is a typical Archie comic. Throw in some Predator head/spine tear outs and you got a typical Predator story. I love the retro Sidaris cover. So hopefully with the Devil in the mix we might get the plot moving forward.

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