“Conan the Searcher”
Writer: Frank Tieri
Artist: Andrea Di Vito

Conan is riding in the Kothian hills after some quarry. He speculates on who they are and the wrath he plans to bring on them. The story shifts to Argos some days before. Conan has just finished wrecking a bar in a fight and decides to buy a leg of some meat. A little girl begs for food and Conan shares his meal. He finds out the little girl named Tama has a collar around her neck and is running from her family that put it on. Conan goes to look for tools to remove the collar and red robed figures kidnap Tama. So Conan has now tracked them to an active volcano.

He finds the group with Tama and attacks. He manages to kill all but one of the group. The last a woman named Saleria pauses his sword. Just then Tama reveals herself to be a demon and runs off. Saleria tells that her sect was trying to throw the demon in the volcano until some dumb oaf of a barbarian stopped them. So Conan helps her to get the collar back on the demon. After a fight Conan succeeds and the demon turns back into a little girl. He than throws her in the volcano. Later back at Argos Conan tells the vendor that he was right to try and shoo the little girl away.

“The Shadow of Vengeance Part XII”
By Scott Oden

Ghaznavi the regent of Khawarizm gets a message that he thinks is from the Sicari. He hurries to the meeting place to find out if they were successful in killing Conan. He finds Octavia with a box. Opening it he finds the head of the leader of the Sicari. Conan then reveals himself to be alive. What’s more is his forces are capturing the city. Khawarizm tries to knife Conan but gets thrown off the tower to his death.

The final issue in Marvel’s revived Savage Sword ends with a good solid story. We get to see a more soft side to Conan as he helps this little girl. Of course the little girl is a nasty demon that was using him. By Crom no good deed goes unpunished. Also the prose story ties up nicely. Conan gets his revenge and it is a satisfying ending to this saga.

I have the say that Marvel did a good job with this series. Marvel has steadily devolved into a dumpster fire of woke shit so its good that they didn’t mess with Conan. The stories were OK with the first one. They definitely improved with the subsequent writers. Of course bringing back Roy Thomas was a stroke of genius. A nice tip of the hat to us nostalgic for the good old days. His story was a joy to read. Overall I am satisfied with the revived series. I would have liked a magazine format in black and white but otherwise no complaints.

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