“Pleased to Meet Me”
Writer: Alex de Campi
Artist: Robert Hack

Betty, Veronica and Predator-Archie have met the gang from the alternate universe. They find out that the two universes have some major difference. The new Betty and Veronica are not interested in Archie. They also don’t have flip phones like the old universe has. Anyway they don’t have time for much since Archie-Predator is reverting to his predator form. Also his friends are coming. At the high school a Halloween party is starting. The predators land and start to take heads at the party. Archie-Predator with the original Betty, Veronica and new Archie go to confront them in the gym.

Well this was kind of a wild issue. De Campi seems to have some fun at poking fun at the original Archie. Betty and Veronica are shocked that their counterparts have no interest in their Archie. They have never used Voodoo or Satanism or magic love potions. In fact this new Riverdale is pretty dull and normal. Of course the predators are coming to do what they do best. Shoot laser holes in people and tear their heads and spines out of their bodies. A strange series so far but also interesting.

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