“Full Metal Varsity Jacket”
Writer: Alex de Campi
Artist: Fernando Ruiz

Jughead comes back the sole survivor of the attempted ambush of the Predator. He finds the gang hiding out in Riverdale High. Some of the other girls decide to run away since the Predator is after Veronica. Dilton the geeky kid says he has the answer in the A.V. room. So they go there but Jughead stops at the candy vending machine. He uses the Jaguar knife which attracts the Predator who than kills him. Archie goes looking for his friend and trip on Jughead’s intestines on the floor. The Predator has mounted Jughead’s head in the candy machine. This pisses off Archie who vows to kill it.

Anyway after some humorous comments about Jughead they reach the A.V. room. Dilton has been upset he can’t get any girls so build a giant Archie robot. Only the robot goes on the fritz and starts attacking everyone. The Predator shows up and wounds Archie. Dilton in the robot manages to pin the Predator with a net. With encouragement from Betty he brings the robot under control. Yet after opening his helmet another Predator comes and tears off his head. Now Betty, Veronica and a wounded Archie are at the mercy of a Predator.

“Jughead Meets Mind MGMT “S” is for Sleeper”
Writer: Alex de Campi
Artist: Matt Kindt

Uncle Henry takes Jughead to the top of a cliff. He than pushes him off. Jughead survives and finds out his uncle is part of clandestine group that uses mind-powered agents to manipulate world events for the common good. Jughead is the last, hungriest immortal. He will be a perfect sleeper agent.

Well this is getting very weird. The gang find some nerdy geek has built a killer robot of Archie. It seems to defeat the Predator but not good enough. Poor Jughead and his hunger get the better of him. In spite of being terrified they can still crack some jokes at Jughead’s situation. A crazy story that has the Archie gang and their clean wholesome comic confront buckets of gore and violence. I love it.

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