Writer: Mike Baron
Artist: Ed Hannigan

Scanner One is under attack by giant ants. Babe who’s physiology is toxic to the ants is send out to clear the gunk off the intake vents. He manages to drive off the ants and unblock the vents. So the ship takes off. Only some of the warrior ants have managed to sneak aboard. Dart decides to check up on Blackjack and she still has feeling for her former lover. As she leaves she makes telepathic contact with Tempest. He claims to still be prisoner at Atari so New Earth must have survived the anti-matter bomb. Taz at this time gives birth to a whole bunch of Tazlings. They are born with an instinct to create technical gadgets. This comes in handy has they build weapons that defeat the giant ant warriors. Then they go to Blackjack and put him under. They start to work on his artificial eye.

“Rat Trap!”
Writer: Andy Helfer
Artist: Mike Chen

Pakrat is trapped by the guard in the tower. He goes nuts but the guard knocks him out the window. Fortunately Ferra is flying by in her car for him to fall into. She takes Pakrat to her father’s secret place. Pakrat thinks he is safe but finds out that his brother Rident is waiting for him.

OK so the crew manage to escape the world of giant ants. The big surprise is Taz giving birth to a whole horde of little Tazlings. Now I do find the whole instinctive ability to build technical gadgets at birth a little too implausible. Still an enjoyable story. Another big reveal is that Tempest is still alive and by extension New Earth so the crew has a home to go to.

The backup story was an entertaining one. Pakrat is an interesting character and his adventure so far has my interest.

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