Writer: Mike Baron
Artist: Eduardo Barreto

Pakrat has been saved by his brother Rident. Now the whole crew of Scanner One has another problem to deal with. Giant ants are surrounding the ship. Rident says that they are very aggressive and ate his ship. So the crew take the wounded Kargg and lock the ship. First they have to deal with a pincher that keeps the door open. These ants are impervious to just about everything. While Martin decides what to do the other members of the crew have their own issues. Morphea offers to use her psychic abilities to probe Blackjack’s mind to see if the Dark Destroyer had implanted something in his mind to control him. She does find a tumor that could be something. Taz leaves the sickbay to hide out in a dark isolated room. The giant ants have managed to clog up the exhaust and prevent the ship from leaving. Other ants are coming with rocket launchers. It is discovered that Babe’s body chemistry is harmful to the ants. So he is chosen to go out and clean off the exhausts. Only when he leaves the ants attack him and he starts to panic.

“To Catch a Pakrat!”
Writer: Andy Helfer
Artist: Mike Chen

Pakrat is at the Deltan embassy to steal it’s jewels. When he climbs the tower and enters the ambassador’s residence he meets a Markian female of his race. Ferra is there to also steal the jewels. As a guard comes in she starts to kiss Pakrat. The guard kicks them out. Later it is revealed that Ferra managed to steal the jewels. She needs a distraction to escape and dumps the punch bowl over Pakrat’s head. Later the guard that discovered them finds out the jewels have been stolen. So the guards chase Pakrat who tries to escape back the way he came in. Only that way is blocked.

This was an interesting story. So far Rident is the new addition and show himself to be a very immovable bureaucrat with little imagination. There is some possibility that Blackjack was being mind controlled by the Dark Destroyer. Kargg apparently was only wounded and seems to be up to something sinister. Basically the whole crew is trapped by intelligent giant ants and the only way they can escape is the infant Babe.

The backup story gives us a look at Pakrat before his time with the force. This was a very enjoyable story so far. We get introduced to a female of Pakrat’s race and she is definitely an intriguing character. Definitely a woman perfect for Pakrat. Interesting to see how this ends. A good solid start to the new storyline.

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