“The Suitor’s Revenge”
Writer: Meredith Finch
Artist: Luke Ross

In an isolated inn in the Kezankian pass a man approaches the table that Conan occupies. He offers him a mug of ale and some friendly conversation. Only the ale is drugged. The man named Thorgeil seeks revenge for Conan killing his uncle. So he sells him to a slaver. Conan finds himself a captive in the Turanian city of Akif. The satrap is having the bravest men prove themselves for the hand of his daughter. The candidates are to fight the criminals and Conan is one of the criminals meant to be fodder. Only Conan proves to be too good and wins all the fights. The daughter falls in love with Conan but the satrap will not have a criminal for a son-in-law. So he gives a candidate a poisoned knife but Conan still wins. The satrap tries to pin the poison on Conan but Conan manages to escape with the prize necklace. Later he visits Thorgeil for some sweet revenge.

“The Shadow of Vengeance Chapter VI”
By Scott Oden

Conan is eating with a friend and discussing his current plans. He hears that Octavia is missing and looks around for her. A man comes and tells him that Octavia has been accused of murdering the pirate captain Ivanos. The Red Brotherhood wants to hang Octavia and Conan gathers his men to rescue her.

This story was an excellent one. Interesting that it was a continuation of a story from the old Savage Tales series. Specifically issue #4. The uncle was Thorfel. Cool that someone remembered that from so long ago. I enjoyed the story. Conan was his typical badass self. Thorgeil really underestimated Conan. Now he gets to pay the price. This story reminded me of the old days for this was the type of story that would appear in the old Savage Sword magazine.

The prose story continues to tell an interesting story. So now Conan has to go and rescue his woman. Very interested to see how that turns out.

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