“Chapter IV: Kingdom of the Wyrm”
Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Ig Guara

Conan and Moon Knight are now in ancient Egypt. Khonsu the Moon God and Set are fighting. Yet they stop for the Wyrm is a threat to both of them. Khonsu absorbs Set to strengthen his power than sends Conan and Moon Knight back to Stygia. There the high priestess of Set is now an ally and all four adventurers join the fight against the Wyrm. They with the power of Khonsu manage to defeat the Wyrm. The four than find themselves back in their own time and get on with their interrupted lives. Khonsu restores Set since Set is part of the balance of the universe. Back in Valusia Kull is visited by an emissary of the Wyrm and given a strange crown as a gift.

“The Get of Garm”
By C.L. Werner

Black Snuck has been unleashed on the village of Bungay. Only the old Danish sword can now defeat Old Shuck. The people have sought shelter in the church. This is where Kane battles Old Schuck as Uric and Oswyn battle each other. A lightning strike destroys the church and buries Old Shuck and the battling Uric and Oswyn.

So the final issue was a bit of a disappointment. It was a very anti-climatic ending. They get together but not a lot happens except the Wyrm is defeated. Sort of like the writer just couldn’t come up with an ending and decided to just give up and say the Wyrm is defeated in a big explosion. I was enjoying the story. It had a lot of potential just wasted on such an uninspiring ending.

The prose story ended in a similar way. The story so far was excellent. Then there is some kind of big get together. There is a fiery explosion and poof all the bad guys are defeated. Seems like sloppy writing to me. Oh well this series had great potential that was wasted.

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