“The End Part Thirteen”
Writers: Gerry Conway and Joey Cavalieri
Artist: Ed Barreto

The Dark Destroyer reveals himself to be the spitting image of Martin Champion. He tells how this came about. Back during their final confrontation the Destroyer sent out his life essence before the asteroid was destroyed. This essence eventually found New Earth and came just as Lydia Perez was giving birth. The destroyer took her lifeforce and passed through Martin thus gathering his life force. Than on a swamp world the Destroyer entered a creature that give birth to the Destroyer. He was a young Martin but with his evil powers.

So Martin goes nuts and attacks the Destroyer. He beats him senseless as the rest of the crew manage to defeat the Destroyer’s men. Dart has to shoot Blackjack to get to the anti-matter bomb but she can’t defuse it. So with Martin and the crew they abandoned the universe in Scanner One. The Destroyer tries to stop the anti-matter bomb but Dart’s attempts have damaged the disarm device. So the Destroyer plants his essence in his loyal lieutenant Kargg. Than he sits back and watches as the universe is destroyed in one huge explosion.

“Best Friends”
Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Artist: Dave Manak

Hukka is playing around when he meets a cute little bunny-like creature. It calls itself Chee and they start playing. They find a ball like plant and Chee goes down a hole. Hukka follows and finds that Chee has lured Hukka to his people. They are carnivorous and try to eat Hukka. Chee has a change of heart and manages to rescue Hukka.

Well this issue had one wild cliffhanger. The whole universe is destroyed so now what. We also do get the reveal of who the Dark Destroyer is and why he now looks like Martin. Yet his human body can apparently get it’s ass kicked. Blackjack is shown to be a loser and coward. Now obviously in spite of the ending it is obvious that the series will continue. How is a good question and does leave the reader wanting to find out. Also with the new artist next issue starts a new writer so we will be getting a whole new direction. I loved the old Conway/Garcia team but probably not a bad idea to get some fresh perspective on the series.

The backup continues with giving us a look at Hukka. This was a fun little story that didn’t take itself too serious. I think it was a great idea to start having these character spotlight stories as a back up. Helps give us more insight in the diverse characters that make up the crew of Scanner One.

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