“The Sorceress of the Swamp!”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from story “Black Canaan” by Robert E. Howard
Artists: Howard Chaykin & Ernie Chan

Conan is riding from his adventure in Attalus back to the hawk city of Harakht. He rides through a swamp called Viper’s head and meets a brown skinned woman. She seems to have some bewitching spell on Conan as he follows her into the swamp to meet her brother. Conan manages to break the spell and fight three men that the women set on him. Conan kills two and the third runs away. So does the woman.

Later Conan meets up with a party lead by a Stygian. The leader Neth-at tells Conan about the current situation. A juju man name Toroa has come from Khesatta and stirred up the blacks against the Stygian colony. At the Stygian’s village one of Toroa’s followers has been captured. Conan manages to scare information out of the man using the fact that he is Amra. They find out Toroa is planning to destroy the Stygian colony and make himself king of the region. Some drums sound and Conan goes off to check it out. He visits the village and finds it deserted. He also senses the magical safeguards in place and leaves. He than runs into the woman who is named Sabia. She demonstrates that she now has control over Conan by using some of his spilled blood in the last ambush. She tells him that soon she will call him to the dance of Dhamballah. Conan vows never to be under her control again.

So another non-Conan Howard story is adapted by the team of Chaykin and Chan. I have to say that these two work well together. Also I love the story. I believe it was a story set in Louisiana what with the voodoo element. Thomas manages to weave this tale flawlessly into Conan’s world and we get once again another brilliant Howard story.

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