“Chapter III: The Faithful and the Fallen”
Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Luca Pizzari

Conan and Agnes ambush a wagon of snake-men. They find burial urns with the hearts of followers. They burn the wagon and this kills many followers. They then continue on their journey to Stygia attacking many places of Set worshippers. In the 1500’s Solomon Kane and Moon Knight also do this against the worshippers of Set. Finally Conan and Agnes reach a temple in Stygia. Solomon and Moon Knight a temple in Turin. They attack and cut through hordes of Set worshippers. Conan gets bitten by a snake from the high priestess. Moon Knight puts on a mystical bracelet. This transports both men to a battle with a giant snake.

“The Get of Garm”
By C.L. Werner

Solomon is rescued from the cellar by a young teenage boy named Uric. He leads Kane out of town and tells him that the sheriff is a warlock who controls Old Schuck. He does it for revenge against the village for burning his wife for a witch. Uric tells Kane he must go to the sheriff’s home and destroy an old Danish sword that controls Old Shuck. So Kane does that and then confronts the sheriff. He finds out Uric is his son and the sword he just destroyed was the only thing protecting the village from Old Schuck.

Well the story is moving along nicely. Both groups are working toward the same goal of destroying twin bracelets to weaken Set. We also find out that the Wyrm which is controlling James Allison is not a benevolent being. The Wyrm is working to gain control of the Earthly realm. So are heroes have been used and will most likely have to join forces to defeat both Set and the Wyrm.

The prose story continues to get better. So now Kane thinks he finds out the secret of the village. In fact he was used by this evil bad seed to destroy an artifact that was protecting the village. Now he has to somehow defeat Old Shuck. Knowing Kane I’m sure he’ll find a way.

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