“Part Twelve Revelations!”
Writers: Gerry Conway and Andy Helfer
Artist: Jose Luis Garcia Lopez

On New Earth Tempest is being tried for his crimes. He is drugged but very belligerent toward the court. He tries to escape and is knocked unconscious. On Scanner One Dart confronts Blackjack about his betrayal. Blackjack is a totally broken man. Later Scanner One arrives at the edge of the solar system for New Earth. The Dark Destroyer’s ship is there and a tractor beam pulls the ship to the surface of a planet. The crew escape in a lifeboat and find an anti-matter bomb. The Dark Destroyer comes with his army and Dart leads an attack. Unfortunately the crew of Scanner One is outnumbered and forced to surrender. At the end the Dark Destroyer reveals his true self by lifting his helmet. He is an exact image of Martin Champion.

“Do Unto Others”
Writer: Keith Griffen
Artists: Keith Griffen and Ernie Colon

Hukka is on a planet and finds a small reptile to play with. While doing this a huge reptile attacks Hukka. Fortunately a flying bigger reptile swoops down and eats the huge reptile. Hukka looks at the little reptile he was torturing and decides to let it go. The little reptile than finds a smaller reptile to play with.

So we get the big confrontation with the Dark Destroyer. The big surprise is that he is Martin Champion or someone who looks just like him. This is a definite surprise and sets up a final conclusion to the story arc that the reader wants to find out about. Also they did a great job of portraying how pathetic Blackjack has been reduced to. There is genuine pain on both Blackjack for what he has become and Dart for having to confront this in the man she loved. Blackjack openly states he would try to kill her again if the Dark Destroyer ordered it. This was confirmed later in the story when he knocks out Morphea on the Dark Destroyer’s order.Finally the trial of Tempest on New Earth shows that they have a screwy justice system in the future. One of the judges is the senator that hates Tempest so there obviously is no requirement for an impartial jury.

The backup story highlighted Hukka the lovable little creature. A fun story that they plan to have more of to highlight the various crewmembers. A great idea to give the reader some more insight into the kooky crew of Scanner One. Also this was the last issue drawn by Garcia. I loved his style and it will be missed. Wow lots of stuff going on this issue.

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