“The Eye of the Serpent”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from story “The Lost Valley of Iskander” by Robert E. Howard
Artists: Howard Chaykin & Ernie Chan

Conan has just defeated Ptolemy and is now the lost city of Attalan’s king. It is greeted with news that Hun-ya-di ,the renegade priest from Harakht, has gathered the hillsmen to attack the city. So Conan goes with the army and meets Hun-ya-di in battle. A great battle ensues with Conan personally killing Hun-ya-di. He saves the city and decides to abdicate the throne and give it back to Ptolemy who is much more humble than before.

So ends the final entry in this adaptation of a Howard story. This was a good story and a nice bit of filler while waiting for Buscema to return and get back to the main quest. The big epic battle with Hun-ya-di was well done and gave the impression that Conan had to earn his victory. Ptolemy was a gracious man who was humbled and will probably be a better king for the experience. Conan gives the Eye of Set and will go on his way but not before having a little tumble with the beautiful blonde Bardylis. Conan may love his Belit but he is still Conan. I would like someday to read the original Howard story.

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