“The Cult of Koga Thun Part Three The Siege of Kheshatta”
Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Ron Garney

Menes the librarian is taken by the serpent-men. They are taking her to Koga Thun. Conan intervenes and makes short work of the snake-men. Then a mysterious fog comes and engulfs the trio. Conan finds himself a prisoner of Koga Thun. Some evil branches keep him trapped. Koga Thun starts to read Conan’s mind to get the map in his head. Menes comes and rescues him by pushing some acolytes into the flames. The three get out but Sutys is bit by a snake image that was on Koga’s hand. Conan and company go to the catacombs under the city and are confronted by zombies.

“The Shadow of Vengeance Chapter III”
By Scott Oden

Octavia has gone to an inn to wait for Conan. She is awakened by a mysterious figure that uses some hypnotism. She then under some sinister power goes out alone at night.

So Conan has a direct confrontation with Koga Thun. Not one of the most exciting encounters. There was some good action early with the snake-men. Then it was just too easy for Conan to be captured. It was also way too easy for Menes to rescue him. I don’t quite get what happened. I still have interest in the story and will see what happens in the next issue.

As for the prose story. So far a well written story. I am very interested to see where this goes.

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