Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Scot Eaton

1936 Cross Plains, Texas. James Allison lies in bed delirious. He has visions of many past lives as a warrior. The one most prominent is as Niord. A barbarian who killed a giant snake. Some entity is urging him to find warriors for a fight against the evil Set. His first is Marc Spector the Moon Knight in the present. His visions get Khonshu the god that gives Marc his powers to seek him out. Next is Solomon Kane in 1584 England. Kane is with a companion about to check out a sinister castle. People in the nearby village have been killed and something evil in the castle is responsible. This becomes apparent as his companion is killed by a door handle turning into snakes.

Then his visions take him to 1522 France. Dark Agnes has just killed some assassins and she takes her wounded friend to a nearby village. Only the village is full of snake cult people. They capture Agnes and take her to be sacrificed to a giant snake. Finally in the Hyborian age Conan is found. He has just fought a giant snake and has visions. So Moon Knight goes to James Allison’s abandoned house in Cross Plains and finds some of the cultists digging up the body of Allison. Kane finds snake cultists in the castle. Agnes manages to break free of her bounds and fight the snake. Conan has visions of the giant snake. Then Allison transports Moon Knight to be with Solomon Kane. Dark Agnes finds herself with Conan in the Hyborean age.

“The Get of Garm”
By C.L. Werner

Solomon Kane is riding through the English countryside at night. He comes on a ruined coach and its occupants torn to shreds. There is also a giant hellhound with one huge red eye. The hound is after a survivor in the coach. Kane manages to fight off the hound and it runs into the night.

Well this is one cool idea for a story. Some enjoyable nods to Howard with James Allison who was in the story “Valley of the Worm.” This links him to three Howard characters, Conan and Solomon Kane being familiar to comics. Also a new one. Dark Agnes has never to my knowledge appeared in comics or anywhere else outside her original stories by Howard. She is a welcome addition and surprised she was never used before. A strong female character in the Howard tradition. Oh and they also threw in a superhero. Moon Knight is perfect to fill out the cast. An excellent story that I look forward to continuing.

The backup prose story is also an excellent one so far. Kane having the battle some evil demon dog in the dark creepy countryside. The writer establishes a very creepy atmosphere for this story. The character of Kane is written as he should be. This series is definitely a winner so far.

One thought on “CONAN SERPENT WAR #1

  1. I liked this series. It wasn’t the best crossover ever, but Zub knows his stuff and it looked great and it was nice to see a bunch of REH properties come together which rarely ever happens. I also liked how they slid Moon Knight in fairly organically.

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