“Part Ten: Home is the Hero”
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Jose Garcia Lopez

Dart is overjoyed to find out Blackjack is still alive. Martin thinks he is an agent of the Dark Destroyer. Later Dart gets Blackjack’s story. He was picked up by the Dark Destroyer’s ship, thrown into the brig and tortured. He eventually recovered and escaped by overpowering his guard. As he escaped he saw Dart and her friends leave the ship. So he stole a flyer and followed. Meanwhile the Dark Destroyer is mining a piece of anti-matter to use against New Earth. Tempest is wounded and tries to find some help. He goes to his former girlfriend Melissa but she turns against him. Then he goes to Dr. Orion who nurses him back to health. Orion tells Tempest of the second encounter with the Dark Destroyer back in the days of the first mission of Scanner One. Just than Hunter and the Atari security break in and arrest Tempest.

So they brought back Blackjack who was a very popular character. He seems to be genuine but his escape from the Dark Destroyer was too easy. Otherwise most of the issue focused on Tempest. He finds out his ex-girlfriend is useless. Dr. Orion finishes the story of the original Atari force. This issue like the last gives readers not familiar with the mini-comics some much needed background. A decent issue with the promise of big revelations in the story to come.

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