“The Cult of Koga Thun Part Two Go Ask Crom”
Writer: Gerry Dugan
Artist: Ron Garney

Conan and Suty are in northern Stygia on their way to Khesatta. They come on piles of burned dead bodies and have to fight two followers of Koga Thun. Conan grabs a foot from a pile of dead and beats the two to death. Then they reach Khesatta and find Koga Thun tearing apart the city looking for the treasure. Conan and Suty gain entrance to the city posing as someone there to sell a slave. Conan can’t find any recognizable landmarks because they are tearing apart the city so goes to the library to consult the maps. The librarian a woman named Menes gets the drop on him with a crossbow. Suty comes in and gets shot in the hand. Conan discusses with Menes the catacombs beneath the city and Conan thinks that is where the treasure is. Menes wants the treasure to get rid of Koga Thun. At the end soldiers come to bring Menes to Koga Thun.

“The Shadow of Vengeance Chapter II”
By Scott Oden

Conan comes with his Kozaks and woman Octavia to meet with the Red Brotherhood. The meeting is to negotiate an alliance between the land Kozak bandits and the pirate Red Brotherhood.

Well the story continues to get interesting. Conan is now is Khesatta a city that is being torn apart by Koga Thun. Another story where Conan uses a body part to get out of a situation. He also meets up with a woman who will probably help him in his quest for the treasure. Suty seems to be comic relief. So far not a bad story.

The novella was mostly descriptive exposition of Conan and the location he was at. It serves to introduce the characters and situation. The writer describes Conan and his environment beautifully. Hopefully we’ll get some more substantive plot next issue.

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