“Buckle Up, Mr. Crypt-The Great Race is Here!”
Writer: Troy Vevasis
Artist: Alexsandar Jovic

Mr. Crypt comes home and finds Baron Rat gone. Just then a race car drives up and it is driven by none other than Baron Rat. Baron Rat says the car is a gift to Mr. Crypt. Mr. Crypt doesn’t know how to drive but gives it a whirl. Soon him and Baron Rat are speeding through the streets. Apparently at such high speeds it becomes apparent to the locals that a living skeleton is driving the car. Soon a torch and pitchfork welding mob is after them. An approaching truck delivering tar and feathers has to swerve to avoid collision and dumps it’s contents on the mob.

Just than a woman stands in the road demanding that Mr. Crypt stop. She is the real owner of the car and had it stolen while gassing up. Miss Carlyle is impressed with Mr. Crypt’s driving and invites him to drive her car in the upcoming race at Fancy Town. He reluctantly agrees and with Baron Rat they accompany her to Fancy Town. Seems Miss Carlyle owns the town and takes them to the Fancy Palace home of the million dollar menu. There she orders plates of cheese which Baron Rat gorges himself on. Next morning Mr. Crypt drives in the race. He gets a flat tire but Baron Rat pull through with a quick change. Then Mr. Crypt wins the race and the beautiful trophy.

So this story has Mr. Crypt getting himself into another reluctant adventure. He also gets another friend in Miss Carlyle who knows that Mr. Crypt is a skeleton and will keep the secret. Baron Rat is proving the be the perfect companion for our lovable living skeleton. Another fun and simple story about the lovable Mr. Crypt and his adventures.

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