Writer: John Jackson Miller
Artist: Edu Menna

The Okaati have arrived at Gehenna prime a desolate planet to deliver the Human fleet to the Cylons. It looks grim for the Humans. Baltar starts to deliver the Tylium but quickly turns on the Okaati. The Comitat have arrived and it looks like they are delivering the Galactica. Yet it soon becomes clear that the Galactica and Comitat are allies and attack the Cylons. They defeat the army on the planet then the Basestars. Baltar is forced to flee with Lucifer. With the Okaati defeated Adama as the current leader of the Comitat can decide their fate. He proposes that the Okaati settle on the Kiernu’s world. Since the Cylons destroyed them it is abandoned and perfect to settle on. The Comitat will watch over the Okaati and the Humans will continue on in the search for Earth.

The final issue was a very satisfying end. The Cylons were defeated and Baltar escapes to scheme again. You can’t get rid of your perfect villains. The Okaati are defeated but get a chance at redemption with the chance to settle on the Kiernu’s world. I really enjoyed this series. It had the feel of the old TV series. All the characters felt just right. Clearly the writer had a love for the series and crafted an enjoyable story. I’d love to see more Galactica from him.

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