“Bigfoot in the Wild!”
Writer: Troy Vevasis
Artist: Aleksandar Jovic

Mr. Crypt one bright morning finds a message from the mayor on his doorstep. The mayor needs to see him right away. So he goes down to his office and finds out the village needs him. Seems Bigfoot has been terrorizing the locals and since Mr. Crypt is such a renowned vampire hunter he should have no trouble taking care of this new menace. Reluctantly Mr. Crypt agrees and goes home. After delivering the news to Baron Rat his friend gets some new hunting clothes for both of them and off to the forest. There they find Bigfoot and he is really scary. He chases Mr. Crypt who trips and loses his hat and mustache revealing him as a skeleton. Bigfoot warms to Mr. Crypt since both have so much in common. He invites both Mr. Crypt and Baron Rat back to his cabin for cheese. Mr. Crypt agrees to get him food and books so he doesn’t have to go into the village anymore. He informs the mayor that Bigfoot will not be a problem anymore and goes to spend time with his new friend.

So now Mr. Crypt and Baron Rat are prominent in the stories. I approve of this since his rat friend is also lovable and the two work well together. Once again an enjoyable simple story about friendship and not judging people by appearances. Mr. Crypt has made a new friend and saved the day. Mr. Crypt and his friend Baron Rat are just as lovable as ever. Bigfoot while starting out very scary turns out to be a lovable guy. A fun book for all ages.


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