Writer: John Jackson Miller
Artists: Edu Menna & Daniel Hdr

The fleet has been taken by the Okaati. They plan to trade it to the Cylons for fuel. As Adama tries to find where they are taking the fleet the Comitat arrive. They demand that Adama stand trial for helping the Okaati. So he goes over and finds out the real story behind the Okaati. They were a race that destroyed their planet and started attacking others. So these victims banded together to stop them. The Comitat are open to anyone who was a victim of the Okaati with those the most current allowed to lead them. Just then Baltar sends a message and offers to exterminate the Okaati in exchange for the Galactica. The Comitat refuse for they are not murderers. So Adama joins the Comitat and accepts the chair. Now the Galactica and Comitat are united against the Cylons.

Well the story is taking some interesting turns. Now we find out the true nature of the Okaati. Also that the Comitat are very fair and not out to destroy them but just bring them to justice. Adama has control of the Comitat and leads them to a confrontation with the Cylons and Okaati. Looking forward to the grand finale.

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