“Chapter Five Heart of Vengeance”
Writer: Meredith Finch
Artist: Aneke

Valeria has snuck into Antonius’s room to kill him. Yet she can’t and is confronted by Antonius. He tells her the real story of her brother. That when he took her in he was spending well beyond his means. So he worked with Lord Blasius and was the one responsible for killing the Zamoran ambassador. When confronted by Antonius her brother Cassius drew Antonius’s sword and killed himself. So she goes out and kills Blasius and decides to devote her life to helping others.

“The Fall of Thoth-Amon Part 5”
By Matt Forbeck

Thoth-Amon is now slave to the merchant that smuggled him out of Stygia. One night raiders attack the camp and Thoth-Amon does not sound the alarm. His captor is killed along with the others. The man leading the raid Ascalante of Aquilonia decides to spare Thoth-Amon. He will use him in overthrowing Conan in Aquilonia and guarantees Thoth-Amon’s loyalty by leaving a letter with a hermit. If he dies an unnatural death than the hermit will tell King Ctesphon where he is. So Thoth-Amon has no choice but to serve Ascalante.

So the final issue ties up the mystery of what happened to Valeria’s brother. A bit underwhelming but I still liked this series. It was better that the Belit series. I thought it stayed true to the character and world that Howard created. Also the artwork was just beautiful. I hope they continue to improve with the next Age of Conan.

As for the prose story it was very interesting from beginning to end. The author captured the personality of Thoth-Amon perfectly. The scenario fits into the story that would eventually become “The Phoenix on the Sword” which was the very first Conan story. The plot gives a logical reason for why Thoth-Amon became an exile and slave to Ascalante. I’d like the author to do another about Thoth-Amon’s triumphant return after he gets back his serpent ring.

2 thoughts on “AGE OF CONAN VALERIA #5

  1. While I did like the series overall, I still felt it was a little underwhelming, like they could have done more. I too hope they continue with the Age of Conan stories. Nice to see other characters get a bit of love from the Conan Universe.

    You should check out Dark Agnes next – another REH property that Marvel is releasing and the first issue just came out.

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