“The Hawk-Riders of Harakht!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artists: John Buscema & Ernie Chan

Conan, Belit and Neftha watch the Stygian fleet burn. Then they must continue on their way to Luxor. Neftha comes through with a contact in Khemi. Belit persuades the merchant to take them to Luxor on his barge. They disguise themselves as Stygians and head down the river Styx. While passing a city the merchant gets worried. This is Harakht the city of the Hawk God. Nominally under the control of King Ctesphon it is in reality independent. It is home to riders of giant hawks. Five of these riders attack the barge. They shoot an arrow into the merchant and demand the ship go aground. The rowers panic and jump into the river where they are eaten by crocodiles. Only Conan and Belit fight back. Belit is captured and Conan manages to jump on one of the hawks. He throws the rider off but loses control of the giant hawk. He is forced to break it’s neck and it falls into the marshes by the river. Then Conan has to fight a giant crocodile and knifes it to death. Now he heads off to Harakht to rescue Belit.

This was a fun issue. Conan and Belit with the mysterious slave girl make their way to Luxor to rescue Belit’s father. Neftha has knowledge that so far is coming in handy. They also have a run in with this city of giant hawk riders. Conan gets to show off his badass abilities. First jumping on a giant hawk and breaking it’s neck with his hands. Then fighting a giant crocodile right after that. As I said a fun action packed issue. A great start to their adventures in Stygia.

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