Writer: John Jackson Miller
Artist: Daniel Hdr

The Okaati plan to use their ships as booster rockets for the Human fleet works perfectly. So perfectly that the Council of Twelve authorizes all the ships of the fleet to be so joined. The Humans get further bad news when a broadcast from Baltar announces that the Cylons have joined with the Comitat to hunt down both fleets. Apollo has been captured by the Comitat and is being taken to their leader. As the fleet celebrates their success at joining the ships the Okaati then implement their plan. They take all the ships and leave the Galactica alone. The Okaati were in alliance with the Cylons. It was all a plan for the Okaati to get fuel from the Cylons in exchange for delivering the Human ships.

Well this was an interesting development. So the Okaati are not the good guys they claimed to be. In fact they were from the start in league with Baltar. Now the Galactica finds itself alone with its fleet being delivered to the Cylons. It looks dark for the fate of the Human race. Yet the Comitat may not be the villains that they initially thought. Should be interesting to see how this story develops.

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