“Chapter Four Lord of Lies”
Writer: Meredith Finch
Artist: Aneke

Valeria meets the man that she thinks killed her brother. Antonius is quite friendly with her and talks about how Valeria has grown into a young woman. Valeria decides to not kill him just yet. She wants to find out the reason for her brother being murdered. So later she sneaks out of the monastery and goes to see Blasius. Blasius tells Valeria that her brother was undercover with the Mitran knights. The knights were the real power behind the thrown and Cassius was working to break that power. He found out they were responsible for assassinating a Zamoran ambassador. This information destroyed the knights but Cassius was killed for it. Blasius tells Valeria that Antonius was the one. So later that night she sneaks into Antonius’s room to kill him.

“The Fall of Thoth-Amon Part 4”
By Matt Forbeck

Thoth-Amon is in the catacombs of the Temple of Set. It is easy to avoid the guards in the catacombs but very difficult for him to get past the walls of Luxor. He has to find a foreigner that doesn’t know who he is. Thoth-Amon hates that he has to rely on a stranger and even more be polite to this stranger. He finds a Kothian merchant and gives a story that the guardsmen robbed him and he needs the merchant to smuggle him out. The merchant is more that glad to help for he sees in Thoth-Amon a slave that he can sell in this native Koth.

So we get the reason for why Valeria’s brother was killed. Valeria is shown to be a very determined woman. She climbs the walls and sneaks in to Blasius’s quarters. She also struggles with killing Antonius in the monastery for she is grateful for the priests that helped her. Yet she made a vow. I am interested in how this story ends.

The prose story has just been excellent. The writer really captures Thoth-Amon’s personality. How he has such disdain for people and how it grates on him to have to be nice to someone. Of course the guy he looks to for help is selling him into slavery. Couldn’t of happened to a more deserving guy.

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