Writer: John Jackson Miller
Artist: Daniel Hdr

The Comitat are meeting with Baltar on a Cylon starbase. Baltar wants the Comitat to not attack the combined fleets of the Okaati and Humans. The Comitat refuse and threaten the Cylons if they interfere. Meanwhile a combined Human/Okaati force attack a Cylon fuel dump. They succeed and both fleets have plenty of fuel. The Okaati then propose that the Okaati ships join with the human ships so that the Okaati ships can be used as boosters to propel the slower human ships along. Adama is open to the idea and has Jolly continue to study it. Apollo has some doubts about the alliance. When a technician salvages a homing device from the Comitat drone he has it mounted on his Viper and takes off to find the Comitat. He does and their ship is huge.

So far the alliance between the two people seems to be working out. The humans now have more consumer products due to the Okaati fleet. The Cylons and Comitat aren’t forming an alliance. Interesting why Baltar doesn’t want the Comitat to attack. Yet there does seem to be something off. When the Okaati propose raiding another race and Adama refuses they come up with the proposal being a test. That does seem a bit phony. Apollo at the end meets up with the Comitat and maybe next issue we get some more answers.

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