Writer: John Jackson Miller
Artist: Daniel Hdr

The Kiernu are being eradicated by the Cylons. Their crime was not trying hard enough to stop the Galactica. Adama is surprised when a huge fleet of Okaati are escorted to them by Apollo. A meeting with the leader and they find out the story of the Okaati. They have been fleeing the Comitat for millennia. The Comitat are slavers and just then a destroyer arrives. The Galactica sides with the Okaati and drives the ship off. Apollo proposes an alliance but Adama doesn’t think that its a good idea. He does change his mind when he finds out what happened to the Kiernu. At the end the Comitat are approached by a Cylon basestar and its commander Baltar. He proposes an alliance.

“We Were Those Who Believed…A Fortieth Anniversary Remininscence”
By John Jackson Miller

The writer tells about his experience with the premier back in 1978 and why he fell in love with the show.

Hard to believe forty years have passed. I remember being a kid and watching that premier. I loved the show too and was disappointed to see it cancelled. So this second season is starting off strong. The Galactica are united with this other race of refugees. So they have allies but also pick up a new and powerful enemy. An enemy that is allying themselves with the Cylons. The writer gets this series and all the characters feel just like they were on the TV show. This is definitely an enjoyable series.

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