“Chapter Two Warrior of Aquilonia”
Writer: Meredith Finch
Artist: Aneke

Valeria manages to disarm the assailant in her room. We get a flashback to her as a girl training with Antonius. He manages to teach her how to use her opponents strength against him. Back in the present she finds the man that attacked her is the blacksmith. He says that Mitran Knights are being killed and he thought Valeria was one of those responsible. She convinces him otherwise and finds out that she has to go to a nearby Mitran monastery. There they have records of who owned the sword that killed her brother. Along the way she is ambushed by three brigands but manages to kill them. She makes it to the monastery and collapses after ringing the doorbell.

“The Fall of Thoth-Amon Part 2”
By Matt Forbeck

Thoth-Amon now worries about losing his power. While discussing this with his slave girl Kimshalla he comes to realize that she stole his ring. Kimshalla then tries to stab Thoth-Amon with a broken goblet. Thoth-Amon without his powers has to resort to good old beating her up to subdue her. The guards come because of the disturbance and the captain Malach notices that Thoth-Amon has been injured. He realizes that Thoth-Amon is now powerless and orders him to be arrested.

The second book continues to delve into the mystery of who killed Valeria’s brother. We get some insight into her life as a young girl. We also see Valeria fight as a young woman. Not a bad story. I am interested so far. As for the novella it is awesome. Very concise and interesting. I am very interested on how this ends.

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