Writer: John Jackson Miller
Artist: Daniel Hdr

The Galactica is traversing the territory of the alien Kiernu. The Kiernu had denied entry to their territory but the fleet doesn’t have the fuel to go around. Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer are leading the Kiernu ships away from the fleet. They succeed and the fleet leaves the alien’s territory. The Viper squadron going back gets a distress call. They find a ship being pursuit by Cylons. Naturally they destroy them and find the aliens are Okaati. This race also has a fleet and are fleeing some unknown race called the Comitat. The Okaati have all their ships armed and Apollo think that an alliance could be beneficial.

“Color Character Renderings”
Artist: Daniel Hdr

Color sketches of a Cylon, Starbuck and two of the Okaati characters.

So in 2018 for the fortieth anniversary of the original series (Wow time has gone by) Dynamite released this series. Supposed to be a second season. So far this zero issue was an introduction at a cheap price to the series. I enjoyed the set up so far. This new races have some interesting potential. It also seems very respectful of the original series and has a feel of the classical series. Looking forward to reading this.

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