“Part Two: Direct Encounter”
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Jose Garcia Lopez

On Roc’s world Dart and Blackjack are now fighting for the rebels after General Ki cheated them. They manage to take out a fortified laser cannon and thus win the battle. On New Earth Tempest visits his girlfriend and she rejects him. Her father a senator doesn’t like him or his father. On the Atari space station Morphea visits Martin Champion who lives like a hermit. He is obsessed with finding the cause of all the evil in the universe and sends out probes. Babe is still captive on a freighter bound for New Earth to be sold as a slave. Pakrat is also a stowaway on a space liner bound for New Earth.

The Mysterious figure after Dart sends down The Warbeast. A creature designed by a race for war that ended up destroying the planet. He is the last and was reduced to cannibalism. So the Warbeast attacks the rebels and Dart and Blackjack manage to toss a grenade down it’s throat thus blowing it up.

There are at the end three character profiles. One for Martin Champion. One for Pakrat and the final for Chris Champion. A basic summary of the characters history.

So the second issue has set up Dart to be the main protagonist. We find out she is the daughter of Mohandas and Li San from the original series. We also get introduced to Martin Champion the only original character for the first series to have a prominent role in this one. A guy obsessed with some dark force causing chaos in the galaxy. With this mysterious being he may not be so far off. Another solid issue that keeps these various characters moving to a meeting.

One thought on “ATARI FORCE #2

  1. Man. Years ago, a friend of mine picked up most of the run of this comic for like, five bucks total, and gave it to me. I … vaguely recall reading a few issues, but the fact that this was a SEQUEL to an earlier ‘Atari Force’ just floored me.

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