“Soul of the Beast”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Roy Allen Martinez

Townsend Harper Jr. with his fiancee Virginia has come back to the island where Dr. Maxon was conducting his experiments. With Sing and some Lascars the group lands and goes to the abandoned compound. They are there to see if Experiment number 13 is still alive. When Sing substituted Harper for the creature he left it out and the body was gone. Did an animal drag it off or is the creature still alive. Harper, Virginia and Sing check out the laboratory which was inhabited by an orangutan. The guards outside at the front gate are killed by an unknown intruder. Inside the lab Virginia is looking around and opens the curtain. Outside is a figure of a monster. It grabs Virginian and takes her outside. Harper goes after them and fights with the creature. Harper is about to be strangled when Virginia picks up the fallen pistol and points it at the creature. The creature says please no in German then runs away.

So a new addition to the ERB universe. This one was one of the first novels that Burroughs wrote back in 1913. The Monster Men was a sort of homage to The Island of Dr. Moreau. A story of a mad scientist who was trying to create life but ended up with soulless freaks. Number 13 the hero was a man with amnesia who Sing the Chinese servant put in the vat and tried to pass off as a successful experiment. An enjoyable action adventure as all of Burrough’s stories were. This was a standalone book and it is cool to see them resurrecting it. The plot of looking for the real number 13 who was assumed to have died is brilliant. So far this introduction sets up the atmosphere and story. I am looking forward to the upcoming miniseries for this title.

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