Writer: Cameron DeOrdio
Artist: Soo Lee

Jamie Sommers visits Oscar Goldman as he works out. The two spar while Jaime finds out what he knows about the Adrenalizine. Later the angels are discussing how they can break into the safe even after Jaime gave them her key. A knock at the door reveals Jaime with a plan to do just that. So she sneaks the angels into Naris in the trunk of her car. Then sets up a security checkpoint to replace Oscar’s keys with phony ones. Then they go and try to open the vault and guess at the password. Only Oscar noticed the theft and comes there and takes Andrenalizine to fight Jaime. Yet Jaime manages to convince Oscar to help her. He does and they get the formula.

Well this had to be the lamest comic I ever read. What a dumb story. Just a lot of moralizing and talking and not much else happening. This the second time Dynamite messed up a crossover series. I hope they aren’t going to make a habit of this. So I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

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