“Wings of Death”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Vincenzo Carratu

Dian manages to avoid the Horibs after her escape from her cell. But she runs into a Mahar who delivers her to the Sagoths. She is to die in the arena. Tanar and Navano also get captured by the Sagoths and taken to the arena to die. So first a pack of jaloks are sent in. The Weiroo manages to get a spear to them but gets thrown into the arena to die with them. The group manages to kill the jaloks then the thag that is sent in. The Weiroo tries to take Dian but gets killed. Finally the Horibs arrive and attack the Mahars. Navano finally gets to have his revenge on the creatures that killed his fellow Va-gas. The Horibs are killed and the Mahars decide to set Dian and Tanar free for their help in defeating the Horibs.

“The Monster Men”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Roy Allen Martinez

A preview of the upcoming Monster Men comic. It has black and white excerpts with three pages of script.

So the final end to this story arc has our heroes get recaptured. Then they fight off all sorts of creatures and a big final with Horibs, Sagoths and Mahars. Dian and Tanar get their freedom for helping defeat the Horibs. I didn’t really see that coming. An enjoyable issue that told the story with a minimum of exposition and let the visuals do the work. Which is what I like to see in comics. Another excellent Burroughs Universe story from American Mythology. Wolfer has a strong grasp of the world and characters. I look forward to more that’s coming.

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