“Book 1 The Ravager!”
Writer: Gary Cohn
Artist: Ron Randall

The escape pod from the ship sent to Earth arrives and an admiral announces the failure of the mission to the Senate. The Qlov have destroyed the ship and one escape craft with her portege Jinal Ne Comar has managed to make it to Earth. So she will lead the mission to rescue the survivors and establish bases on Earth. Meanwhile on Earth Jinal and her companions are returning to Arq after their failed attempt to get the Old Ones to help. Jinal has plans to conquer the Earth herself. After a run in with some hostile raiders the group makes it to Arq only to find it in ruins. The people slaughtered and the name Zhengla written in blood on the walls. A survivor tells of a huge army that is now at the waterworks.

The group goes there and fights its way in. Chairman Mangle with the survivors and 100 Harahashan are still holding out. Barasha and his people break out to head south and gather the rest of the tribe from their winter camp. The humans blow the entrance and hold out. Only the Mulge break through. The Mulge are allied with this conqueor and with his troops manage to overrun the waterworks. At the end Jinal finds herself captive with the conqueror Zhengla wanting to make her his bride.

So the backup story from The Warlord graduated to its own mini-series. It picks up right where it left off. Jinal has plans for conquest but looks like someone beat her to it. This someone is a very Genghis Khan type. I was glad this story got it’s own series. It really helps to see it get the room to expand on the story. Already we know that the Humans are coming and there is this new threat of a conquering army. A good start to the story that gives readers a brief recap and gets right into the action.


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