“Part One: Fresh Blood”
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

On Roc’s World two mercenaries Dart and Blackjack are tearing up a bar. General Ki has short changed them on a job and they mean to collect. Only they have to flee the place when the police arrive. Dart had a vision of them coming so the two blow a hole out of the back wall. They find out the bar is on a cliff and start falling. Luckily Dart has a grappling hook and stops their fall. General Ki sneaks out after the police arrive and visit his employers. A Kargg and his master a mysterious guy in a red suit and helmet. The master is not happy with Ki for he wanted Dart and Ki’s greed messed it up. So the master tosses Ki into an acid river.

On the planet Egg some travelers land and lure one of the inhabitants in with candy. The inhabitants grow as huge as mountains but the young children can still walk. The travelers have plans to sell the child. On New Earth a young man named Tempest is running a maze with robots after him. Tempest has the ability to phase to different locations and escapes the maze. We find out that his name is Christopher Champion who is the son of Martin and Lydia from the original Atari Force. Lydia was changed by exposure to unshielded exposure to the multiverse. It killed her and gave powers to her son. The father blames Christopher for her death and has been estranged from the young boys upbringing.

On moon Alpha Tulka Oly aka Packrat is stealing the Klavian crown jewels. He is cornered by the guards and goes crazy because he hates being cornered. He escapes and decides to go to New Earth for his next destination.

The mini-comic series gets it’s own title. Set 25 years after the events we are introduced to the various characters that will be part of this series. A very diverse lot. Christopher is the only one that so far has a link to the original series and he has a very interesting backstory. The other characters are also intriguing and interesting enough to want to find out more. Also the main evil villain is introduced who is also mysterious. A solid first issue for this new and unique series.

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