Writer: Cameron DeOrdio
Artist: Soo Lee

Kelly manages to sneak out plans to the safe at Naris despite Jaime Sommers looking around at the security agency. The angels find out they need two keys to get into the safe. One from Jaime and the other Oscar Goldman. Jaime meanwhile wonders why she can’t catch these new thieves and why they wear halter tops. She gets curious and looks at the formula she guards and finds out that it is a cure for paralysis but the evil corporation would rather use it to create super soldiers. She goes to Dr. Rudy Wells and finds out he invented the formula and hired the Townsend Detective Agency.

Well we get some answers to who the mysterious inventor is. Now Jaime finds out she is probably working for an evil corporation. Couldn’t see that coming a mile away. Filled with lots of solo soliloquies and talking about stuff. A really dull story and not really optimistic of it improving in the final issue.

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