“Wings of Death”
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Artist: Vincenzo Carratu

Dian the Beautiful is now a captive of the Mahars. She is thrown into the dungeon to await her fate which the Sagoths gloat will be death. She is visited by a Weiroo who was the ambassador from his people to the Mahars. He wants Dian to help him escape and go back home. As a token of his good faith he leaves her a knife. Tanar has been freed from the gorobar by the Va-gas from the moon named Na-Va-No. The two manage to infiltrate the Mahar city of Kazra. They get into a fight with the Sagoths when discovered and are forced into the underground river that threatens to pull them under. The Weiroo has gone to the Mahars to get them to give Dian to him as a slave. They refuse and when he goes back to her cell he finds the Sagoth guard dead and Dian escaped. Dian making her way out of the city runs into the party of invading Horibs.

The second issue of this mini-series does not fail to amuse me. The story is filled with exciting action and interesting characters. Beautiful artwork and the various strange creatures that Burroughs created. The writer clearly understands and is a fan of Burrough’s work. I am really enjoying these new stories set in the Burrough’s universe.

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