Writers: Gerry Conway & Roy Thomas
Artists: Ross Andru, Gil Kane and Dick Giordano

Scanner One is checking out another world and finds it inhabited by giant hostile worms. So they blast off to continue the search. The next world is perfect. A virtual paradise with no hostile life and plenty of fresh water and vegetation. Then a ship lands and an alien calling itself Aviar an appointed custodian demands to know what they there for. Seems they are in a universe where the sentient life has renounced war and formed a peaceful galactic federation. They follow Aviar to the main world Centerworld to present their case for colonization to the council.

When they arrive the local inhabitants go through a change. They are no longer welcoming and attack the crew of Scanner One. The crew has to blast off and Dr. Orion was able to analyze the cause. The Dark Destroyer is alive and has taken over the minds of Centerworld. The Dark Destroyer was forced to escape to this universe and was powerless until the Earthlings came and their raw emotions gave it strength. Only it can’t control the Earthlings. So Scanner One goes to the asteroid it is on and has to battle through the fleet of the controlled aliens. They manage to destroy the ships while letting the pilots eject safely. Then they destroy the asteroid. At the end the council allows Earth permission to colonize the paradise planet. So on Earth Scanner One is converted to a colony ship with 2000 colonists in suspended animation. Martin Champion and Lydia Perez finally admit their feeling for each other.

The final mini-comic in the series. From the game Galaxian and it does kind of follow the basics of that game. So they finally find a world to colonize. It also hints that a new Atari Force is coming soon and lo and behold DC did release a new series. One which we shall explore next.

The Atari Force mini-comics were a unique and fun idea to add as bonuses to their game cartridges. I personally looked forward to each installment about this unique future after a world war. DC delivered a quality product and it did deserve to get it’s own real comic series.

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