“The Demon Out of the Deep!”
Writer: Roy Thomas adapted from “Out of the Deep” by Robert E. Howard
Artists: Val Mayerik and The Tribe

Conan is practicing archery on The Tigress as the ship sails south. A conversation with Belit reveals that Conan saw the Western Ocean once before in his youth. During his time in the north he was captured by Vanir and taken to their village on the shore of the ocean. When they arrive he find that a popular warrior named Fallon has drown. So he is taken to his home to await proper burial. Only his fiance and rival say that this body is not Fallon but some creature inhabiting the body. So later at night it gets up and kills his fiance. The village goes after it with Conan volunteering to help. Later the war chief is killed and the villagers flee to lock themselves in for the night. Only Conan continues to search and finds it at the shore. He fights it and defeats it. In the morning the body turns into seaweed with two eyes.

A flashback story of Conan’s youth. Roy decided to adapt another non-Conan Howard story. This one was interesting but not his best work. Still a nice break from the current story and a chance to see some new artist try out Conan. So basically just an OK issue.

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